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"Rachael has treated my horses for a number of years and she always impresses me with how thorough she is in her treatment sessions. She really takes the time to understand what the issues are and she works on my horses, often beyond the booked session time, until she is satisfied that the horse is feeling better and the problem resolved. I highly recommend Rachael to other horse owners."

Margaret Donnelly
Managing Director, Equilibrium Products Ltd

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"I have used Rachael Sivyer for my own horse, and recommended her to client horses for many years now. Rachael has a uniquely broad knowledge base, having been open minded and asked plenty of questions, studied for years, and worked within the industry for 40 years including within veterinary practice. Her knowledge and experience spills out of her as she speaks, and she has a soft, sympathetic and confident approach with the horses. Rachael is behaviourally minded, meaning she listens to the horses subtle communications, reads their body language and will ask about their management and understands this is all part of helping them. I would highly recommend Rachael Sivyer."

Laura Ward
Founder, Animal Behaviourist BSc (hons), CCAB

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"Rachael has been treating my horses for several years now and has sorted out various niggles and injuries that conventional medicine couldn’t ease. Rachel has also done regular maintenance visits to keep my horses comfortable and moving correctly and I feel this reduces the chance of injury for both my ageing appaloosa and my bum high baby cob. Add to this having a physiotherapist who works with saddles is invaluable to make sure that any good work she does isn’t ruined by inappropriate tack.

I am in awe of Rachael’s thirst for knowledge and her desire to constantly expand her range of expertise so she can provide the horses under her care with the most sympathetic, up to date and individual approach, drawing together many strands from many different disciplines within her field to get the best results possible for our horses."

Stephanie Sieff BA VetMB MRCVS
Hope Vets

horse physiotherapist

"Rachael was recommended by my vet from the Royal Veterinary College to help a horse who had muscular problems in his back. From that moment, three or four years ago, it has been the most perfect working relationship, to which the horse’s benefit immensely.

Watching Rachael work, you can see the relief in the horse’s faces as the treatments progress, she never cuts corners, and every horse or pony no matter what discipline they perform, gets the same amount of time and committed treatment.

I have a mixed yard of polo ponies, event horses, driving ponies and hunters, and when they need help, they all get treated in the same professional way.

I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough, she is totally dedicated, professional and passionate about getting the best result for every horse or pony that she treats."

Corrina Bithell
Belmont Farm

equine physiotherapy

"Bobby is now 21 years old and has covered a lot of miles with me over challenging terrain during his life doing endurance. He has a history of crookedness probably due to a pelvis injury he sustained as a yearling.

I thank the day I bought a saddle from Rachael 7 years ago. She has regularly treated him since and it is thanks to her that we are able to still get out and do long rides. Rachael keeps him pain free and happy and has amazing patience putting up with his awful, quirky behaviour."

Celia Przyrembel

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About Healthy Horse

With a registered veterinary physiotherapist and qualified saddle fitter on board, you can be confident that your horse's health and well-being are in capable hands.

Working together to address any musculoskeletal concerns, provide appropriate therapies, and ensure that your horse's saddle is correctly fitted, promoting a healthy and happy horse.

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