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Saddle Fitting

Qualified, Independent & Unbiased Saddlery Services

Your horse's saddle and bridle has a profound effect on their comfort, ease of movement, wellbeing and performance, so the correct, well fitting tack is essential. The riders feel and comfort is just as important, so here at healthy horse physiotherapy and saddlery we provide a taylor made comprehensive service to suit both you and your horse.

Being a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant and Veterinary physiotherapist I can offer the care, insight and expertise required to provide solutions to the many problems that face the horse and rider, be it the happy hacker or the serious competitor.

During your saddle fitting consultation, the profile of you and your horse is assessed, making note of any asymmetry or muscle atrophy before proceeding to the ridden part. It is vital to assess how the horse, saddle and rider perform and interact with each other, both while standing still, and during movement. Your instructor's involvement is welcomed during this time if you wish.

On site checks and adjustments to your existing saddle, including flocking, can be carried out, as well as advice on the fitting and purchasing of new and second hand saddles. Healthy Horse Physiotherapy and Saddlery has a wide range of quality saddles and bridle work available for purchase from some of the leading U.K manufacturers.

Saddle Issues

Potential signs of a saddle issue could include:

Behavioural issues

Moving away when approaching with tack

Ears back / headshaking / pawing tacking up

Biting when being tacked up

Objection to being girthed

Reluctance to being mounted

Bucking / rearing

Reluctance to move forward

Excessive saddle movement

Rubs / swelling

Wet spots / dry spots

Performance issues

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About Healthy Horse

With a registered veterinary physiotherapist and qualified saddle fitter on board, you can be confident that your horse's health and well-being are in capable hands.

Working together to address any musculoskeletal concerns, provide appropriate therapies, and ensure that your horse's saddle is correctly fitted, promoting a healthy and happy horse.

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